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Writer and Author
Musician and Performing Songwriter


“The Arts have always been a part of my life. My father played Italian folk songs and country music on the accordion from before I was born, and there was always music in the house. I remember many nights sitting around the dining room table singing.”

Paul Gerardi grew up with a love of music, and in 2004 went on the road as a performing songwriter. He traveled in an RV for just under four years with his wife, Sharon, and daughter Robyn. Sharon sold her art at festivals and markets and let people know that her husband was a performing songwriter, and Paul sang in churches as well as festivals and let folks know that his wife created wonderful visual art.In the summer of 2005, while spending time in Denali National Park under the shadow of the Alaska Range, Paul asked Sharon if he could try his hand at making agate wind chimes with the Alaskan drift wood that the family had collected. Sharon had been making agate chimes with a copper spiral for her art business, but had not worked with drift wood. She agreed to let Paul try his hand since they were due at a festival once they left Denali. In one long Alaskan summer day Paul created twenty chimes that they displayed and sold at their next festival. Paul gradually took over the duties of making chimes on the road, and meshed Sharon and his styles into drift wood chimes with agate slabs and copper spirals.Paul now makes all the chimes for Gerardi Gems, as well as assisting Sharon with some of her other artistic creations. He pounds metal for the bookmarks, as well as texturing some of Sharon’s copper pendants and ear rings. He also assists in the making of Stem Art, as well as bending metal for the Brandy Warmer and the Votive Candle Holder. Paul is also webmaster for Gerardi Gems, which he also considers a creative endeavor.