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Wedding Officiate
Health Care Practitioner

Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner (CNHP)

“May you always have joy in body, mind and spirit.”

Sharon Gerardi started studying natural healthcare in 1995 after she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and was taking seven prescription drugs. She wanted to know why the medical community had subscribed Prozac for her condition, since it did not seem that that particular drug was directly related to the illness. As it turns out, that prescription for Prozac was to make her feel better about being sick and having to take numerous toxic drugs! Sharon searched out a Natural Healthcare Practitioner in her area and had a consultation. In that first hour and a half meeting with her new practitioner, she learned more about herself and her Chronic Fatigue than the mainstream doctors had told her throught her whole life. Armed with her Natural Healthcare Practitioner’s advice and instructions, Sharon was led to a life more healthy and vibrant than she had ever experienced.

Sharon continued her education and received a practitioner’s certification in Natural Healthcare in 1998. She has been educating, researching and creating natural remedies ever since. She continues to constantly learn new ideas and recipes that treat the whole body without harm. This brings us to present day. Sharon has perfected several natural products that she has shared with family and friends, and now Gerardi Gems would like to share these products with you.

All of Sharon Gerardi’s products are made with ingredients as pure as costs will allow. She supports local, sustainable cottage companies that share her high level of integrity, and in the way they make their organic and natural ingredients. Sharon has tested and used her products on herself, and all her family and friends. In fact, they are the people who convinced her to sell to the public.

Sharon Gerardi created Enviroshield as a result of a plea for help from a friend who must travel on commercial aircraft as part of her job. This friend was getting sick frequently, so Sharon created a spray that is a defense against the flu, and that helped her friend from getting sick in enclosed spaces.

Sharon researched and formulated Bugshield while on the road in an RV, when her family asked her to figure out a way to make a bug repellent that was natural, as they were tired of having to apply toxic chemicals to their skin to keep from being bitten.

Please feel free to contact Sharon though our Gerardi Gems contact page with any questions you may have about her Natural Care products.