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Welcome to our FAQs pages! We’re excited that you’d like to know more about our products. If you can’t find the answers you seek here, feel free to use our Contact Gerardi Gems form.

Bugshield FAQs – Bugs buzz but they don’t bite! Bugshield is a completely natural non-toxic bug spray made with scientifically proven safe bug repellent Neem Oil.

Enviroshield FAQs– EnviroShield IDS is a revolutionary all natural product that enhances the immune system with a powerful defense against airborne contaminants.

Sweet Relief FAQs – Sweet Relief Pain Relief Cream is a dextrose based cream which eliminates pain when placed on the affected areas over sensory nerves.

Artistic Creations FAQs – Creative and unique products designed by Sharon Gerardi, including jewelry, book marks, StemArt, Oregon Driftwood Wind Chimes, and more!

Website Operation FAQs – Some information on how to operate our website.

My Account FAQs – Some information on how your Gerardi Gems account works.

Learn more about all our Products and Services by visiting our Shop, and in the detail pages of all of our products. Thanks for being here!