The Psychic Shield Pendant


Swaroffsky Crystals that emit an effective field of protection.

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This amazing jewelry pendant emits an effective field of protection for sensitive people who feel the emotions and fears of others, while broadcasting precise frequencies of balance, clarity and joy. Three Swarovsky crystals have been imprinted with the life force of nine amazing stones, essentially creating a psychic immune system.

This elegant sterling silver-wrapped composition of artistic jewlry will continuously shield and nourish your mind and body and will be noticed and admired as people feel its energies and beauty but don’t know why.

There is also a companion e-Book that gives in depth information on The Psychic Shield. To read, print, or e-mail The Psychic Shield e-Book to you or a friend see our Product Care & Info tab on the main menu.

Approximate size: 1.5 x 4.0 inches

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Weight 1.75 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 0.25 × 4 in