How to Care for Your Oregon Driftwoood Windchime

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How to Care for Your Oregon Driftwood Windchime


Your Oregon Driftwood Wind Chime is durable and ready to hang upon arrival. It comes complete with a copper hanger, although you may have to install a screw hook if you are attaching it to the eves of your house, or to your indoor ceiling. If so, be sure that you use a hook of appropriate size for the weight of your chime so that the constant weight does not pull the hook out. Also, be sure to install your screw hook into a solid piece of wood.


All of our Oregon Driftwood Wind Chimes use copper attachements to secure the agate slabs to the driftwood. Some of these attachments swing freely, and should not need any attention for the life of the wind chime. Other attachments are bound tightly to the driftwood and can be used to adjust the distance between the agate slabs. To do this, gently and slowly bend the attachment just a little bit, then look the distance between the agate slabs. If necessary do this a few times until you are satisfied that they will each just barely touch each other. It sometimes helps to gently turn the agate slabs so that you see them alll lengthwise at the same time.

If you have purchases a wind chime with a copper spiral, please know that copper is a maleable metal and may bend slightly during shipping. If this happens, no worries! Simply hang the chime in a convenient place and slowly bend the copper to the desired position, making sure that the copper spiral does not hit either the driftwood piece, or interferes with any of the agates slabs.

Can my chime get wet?

Drifwood by its nature has been wet, and your wind chime is just fine in the rain or snow. It will get wet and dry out with the seasons. Also if you are hanging your wind chime outside, the copper will beautifilly petina (tarnish) over time. This does not affect the durability of your chime, just its appearance.