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Website Operation – frequently asked questions

Thank you for visiting Gerardi Gems. Here is some information on how to operate our website. If you don’t find your answer here, feel free to contact us.

Q: Where are you based?

A: Gerardi Gems is based in Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley, just north of the California state line in a beautiful little town called Ashland.

Q: Why don’t I see any sales tax charged to my order when I check out?

A: Since Gerardi Gems is based in Oregon, we follow our state’s tax laws when conducting business on our website. In Oregon there is no sales tax.

Q: Any other special features?

A: There is. When you are on any of our product detail pages, you can click on the product image to the left of the “add to cart” button to see an enlarged version of that image.

Q: How can I recieve the Gerardi Gems newsletter?

A: There is actually two ways to sign up to recieve our newsletter: 1) Click/Tap our “Subscribe to Newsletter” link on the right side menu and fill out the form. 2) Go to our Login tab on the Main Menu and register as a Gerardi Gems user, and you will be prompted to subscribe to our newsletter.

Q: Can I adjust how big or how small the website displays on my screen?

A: Yes you can. In most modern browsers, if you hold down the CTRL key and then tap the plus (+) key, the webite will get bigger. Consequently, if you hold down the CTRL key and then tap the minus (-) key, the website will get smaller in size.

Q: Do I have to use any certain type of browser for Gerardi Gems to display correctly?

A: Ourwebsite validates to XHTML and CSS web standards and is designed to be compatible with all modern browsers. The more secure areas of Gerardi Gems (https:) utilizes TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 protocols. To update your browser to the latest version, go to the Browser Requirements link in the footer of this page.

Q: Is it important to read Gerardi Gems’ website policies?

A: It is always best to be knowledgeable of any website’s business policies, as website policies govern your visit. All of our operational rules are located in the footer menu.