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Gerardi Gems is the vision of Sharon and Paul Gerardi, a husband and wife team whose artistry is featured on this website. The duo traveled North America from 2004 through 2007, visiting 36 American states and 6 Canadian provinces. Along the way they traveled as artists with their daughter, Robyn, offering their artistry at art festivals, local craft markets, in new thought churches, and at garden festivals.

Sharon began creating art in the 1990’s when she literally had to find a creative way to financially make ends meet. The result was Stemart, a fun and elegant addition to the stem of your wine glass. Sharon has continued to create new artwork in the form of jewelry, wire wraps, bookmarks, and wind chimes. Find out more on our Artistic Creations page. She has also created the all-natural Enviroshield and Bugshield, which can be viewed on our Natural Care Products page. Sharon is a Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner, distributing the amazing stem cell products from Wellmed Global found on our Rejuvenate tab. She welcomes Custom Orders and Wholesale Purchases for many Gerardi Gems items, and also offers wedding services in her role as a wedding officiate.

Paul became a performing songwriter in 1992 after a near death experience while working for Metro Traffic Networks in Orlando as a broadcast Traffic Reporter. He began writing and singing songs after that experience and has never stopped. He recorded three albums of contemporary folk music which will soon be available on Gerardi Gems.

Paul also creates Oregon driftwood wind chimes (that will be available here soon!) and assists Sharon in the crafting of her StemArt, as well as doing metal texturing for her bookmarks and jewelry. Paul is also a broadcaster, hosting the morning show weekdays from 6am to 10am on TheValley106.3FM, hear over the air in southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley, and which streams live 24/7 on the web. He is also a writer, penning poems and writing commercial copy in his long standing role as a radio broadcaster.

Learn more about Sharon and Paul Gerardi by reading their biographies, located on the main menu of Gerardi Gems. Learn more about all Gerardi Gems Products and Services by visiting our product detail pages, or get answers to frequently asked questions by reading our FAQ’s on the right side menu just above our featured item.

On our News & Info tab you can read our blog, check Paul’s performance itinerary, find cool web links, and read the e-Book that is a companion for The Psychic Shield, an amazing and elegant piece of jewelry that Sharon wire wraps by hand.

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