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It Takes a Village

Building a Website is no small task, even with an open-source content management system like WordPress.  There are so many details to take care of, so much writing of content to peck out on the keyboard, so many images to get just right, and that’s just the beginning! Later on comes all of the products, and the continuing operation of the site.


Thanks to Paul Gerardi for all the hours of work and the loving attention that he has given to this website’s creation. Thanks to Sharon Gerardi for her marvelous eye with a camera, her patience withPaul through out the process of data input, and for the creativeness and vision she has shown from Sharon’s Creative Art, through Sharon’s Evolution, to Gerardi Gems.

Thanks to Project A for their continued customer service, their unique hosting abilities, and their hometown touch that can only come from doing business in Ashland Oregon.  Warm thanks for Mark Garrison (and the rest of Project A support team) for his continual attention to detail and his unfailing ability to explain even the most difficult of website processes, so that the layman website developer can understand what it takes to fix something that is broken deep within a website.

Images and Content

All images contained in Gerardi Gems were photographed either by Sharon Gerardi or Paul Gerardi.

All content contained in Gerardi Gems was written either by Sharon Gerardi or Paul Gerardi, with the exception of our website policies (these are standard website operating procedures) which were edited locally by Paul and Sharon.

Our Biggest Thanks

And finally, we thank you, our customers.  We appreciate all our comments, criticisms, purchases, passion, and exuberant support of what we do here on this site, and we hope to meet each and every one of you someday.

And, as always, feel free to contact us for any reason, It’s always great to hear from you!