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Find out more about Paul Gerardi.  A man of many talents, Paul grew up learning everything from crafts to music, and along the way he gained a love for words.

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Writer and Author
Musician and Performing Songwriter

Writer and Author

“Words are wonderful things. When read, they are a gateway to imagination. When spoken, they can endear when spoken with love, or even damage another when spoken with hatred. Each time they are used, information is exchanged. I adore words, especially the ones that can mean many things all at once.”

An avid reader of all kinds of books and stories, Paul Gerardi’s adoration of language can be traced back to when he was thirteen years old. He was hanging out with a couple of teenaged friends listening to a Beatles song on the phonograph. When the song was done Paul blurted out what he thought the song lyrics meant and why he liked the song so much. The other kids did the same in a round robin sort of way, and to his surprise, everyone held a completely different meaning to the song in their minds. The same words had brought different things to different people, even though all present were hearing the song at the same time. Paul vowed to learn how to write in a way that could touch things deep inside.

As he grew and chose the career of broadcaster, Paul learned to write commercial and promotional copy for media purposes that communicated messages and moved listeners to action. All the while he tried his hand at poetry as well, seeking lend an artistic nature to words. After years working in radio, he tired of the idea that his job was to speak and write other people’s ideas. Selling everything from cars, food and music events to hernia cream with his pen and voice, Paul took a break from radio.

Prior to that decision, he had undergone a near death experience and for the two weeks after the event had written poetry non-stop, a life portal opened by the event. He sought his own voice to express his own words.

Since that time, Paul has written and sung songs that fill his three CD’s, continued to write poetry, and is currently working on a series of short stories and a novel.