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Find out more about Sharon Gerardi.  A Renaissance Woman, Sharon has the ability to see the wonders of our world and brings those wonders, joys, love, and sense of gratitude to her Artistic Creations, Natural Care Products, and when she officiates at weddings and commitment ceremonies.

Read through these biography pages to gain a complete view of the many sides of Sharon Gerardi, or use the links if you’d like to know more about a specific aspect of Sharon’s talents.

Wedding Officiate
Health Care Practitioner


“Namaste, and welcome to my artistic journey. After traveling North America with my family from 2004 through 2007, we have settled in a wonderful slice of heaven, Ashland Oregon. During my journey I learned a lot from nature and all the wonderful energy it gives. I have a passion to merge natural earth-born elements like gem stones,crystals, and various metals, to create unique hand made one-of-a-kind art pieces. The elements in my art bring healing and grounding properties into our lives.”

Sharon Gerardi’s artistic career began in the mid 1990’s when, as a single mother, she literally had to find a creative way to make financial ends meet. While sharing a bottle with wine around the dining room table with some girlfriends, Sharon noticed that all the wine glasses had lipstick on them and that her friends were attempting to keep their glasses straight by the color of thier lipstick! Sharon realized that she could make something that would attach to the stem of wine glasses that would let her guests be able to tell them apart. She found some marbles and lead-free solder wire that were bumping around her home, and twisted up her first wine charms that she promptly placed on the stem of her guests wine glasses. The result was Stemart, a fun and elegant addition to the stem her girlfriend’s wine glass, and yours too!

Over the years since, she has continued to create new artwork in the form of wire-wrapped jewelry, pounded copper pendants and ear rings, suncatchers, and bookmarks. She has also designed table-top Brandy Warmers, Votive Candle Holders, and Wind Chimes that her husband, Paul Gerardi, crafts for Gerardi Gems.

Sharon Gerardi’s art is a continual evolution. She develops and creates new ideas constantly, and she loves the co-creation process she has with many Gerardi Gems customers.

Please know that each piece is made with the intent to spread love, peace and joy.